Risk Assessments

Third-party risk management (TPRM) is a form of risk management that focuses on identifying and reducing risks relating to the use of third parties (sometimes referred to as vendors, suppliers, partners, contractors, or service providers).  Risk Assessments are conducted with potential new suppliers to give organisations an understanding of the third parties they use, how they use them, and what safeguards their third parties have in place. 

As a software provider to large enterprises and emergency services, Pulsar, Isentia, Vuelio and ResponseSource are regularly reviewed by prospective clients. We have created the documentation on this page to assist organisations with their review.

Security & Compliance White Paper

The answers to common security questions can be found in our white paper.

Please use this resource, along with the other information within this Trust Centre, to start completing your questionnaire. Our team is available to collaborate on specific questions.

Security and Compliance White Paper

Risk Assessment Platforms

As a potential supplier, we aim to make this process as efficient as possible and have setup profiles with several supplier risk assessment vendors. Users of these tools can proactively import our ready-made risk profiles into their accounts for evaluation.

Remember, all InfoSec policies which supplement these risk assessments can be found on our ISO 27001 page.


Vendor URL Our Profile
Risk Ledger https://riskledger.com/ Pulsar’s Risk Ledger Profile
One Trust Vendorpedia https://www.onetrust.com/ Pulsar’s Trust Profile
CyberVardis https://cybervadis.com/ Contact us
https://www.cybergrx.com/ Contact us


Vendor URL Our Profile
One Trust Vendorpedia https://www.onetrust.com/ Vuelio’s Trust Profile
Panorays https://panorays.com/ Vuelio’s Security Passport
SIG https://sharedassessments.org/ Contact us
Prevalent https://www.prevalent.net/ Contact us