Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Pulsar Group is a portfolio of companies that deliver high quality SaaS products to address the fundamental business needs of 6,000 organisations globally. This policy summarises our corporate social responsibility policy and underlines our commitment to be a force for good in business and the societies in which we operate.

Our code of conduct

We will act ethically and responsibly in all aspects of our business, respecting national laws and relevant laws with international reach, operating in line with industry codes of conduct. At all times, we maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity through being open and accountable towards our employees, customers and suppliers. This includes providing employees with information and training on the avoidance of fraudulent business practice including bribery, modern slavery and tax evasion.

We believe our society and our business is stronger the more inclusive and diverse we are in terms of people, backgrounds and thought. We respect every individual’s human rights and will stand up against any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability. We will create work environments that are respectful of difference both internally at Pulsar Group and externally in the communities in which we’re present.

To bring about lasting improvement in diversity and inclusion, we believe we need as an industry to work together. This is why we’ve launched the accessmatters programme, an initiative to share learning, insight and best practice that encourages action in tackling diversity and inclusion.

Our people strategy

We are an equal opportunities employer and select then promote our people on the basis of their qualifications and merit. This is without discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender, age or disability.

We invest in our people to ensure every individual has the support they need to develop their career at Pulsar Group. This includes formal training and tailored personal development plans with job-related mentoring.

We inform and consult our employees regularly on matters that affect them or relate to the Group. We enable flexible, home working where appropriate and provide employees with guidance and training to protect their wellbeing at all times. In our office locations, we maintain a working environment that minimises the risk to the health and safety of its employees and anyone authorised to be on the premises.

Our information code of conduct

We apply the highest standards of security in managing data relating to the Group’s business, our employees and clients. We hold ISO/IEC 27001 certification, the international standard for Information Security Management that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to apply the most rigorous risk management model to protect information and data belonging to the Group and its clients.

We commit to regularly review our data systems and suppliers, determine any risks and put controls in place for improved management or security. This includes auditing all systems, information assets, operational processes, legal and regulatory requirements, and an ongoing training programme to strengthen the organisation’s expertise in risk management and data security.

Our environmental code of conduct

We are committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment in terms of energy use, transport and consumption of resources. We will do this by regularly auditing where we have impact then investing in ways of mitigating harm. We comply with national and international environmental regulations and do all we can to encourage behaviours that improve sustainability. This includes applying new innovations in recycling and office waste; encouraging take up of low impact transports including cycle, walk to work and investing in sustainable and low-carbon-cost office design to deliver long term benefits.