Annual Reports & Shareholder Circulars


Latest Report: Pulsar Group Annual Report 2023

The Pulsar Group annual report provides an in-depth insight into the performance of the company and its brands in 2023, and how the group continued to deliver in line with corporate strategy and financial reports

Released: 24.05.24

03.07.2024GM Results
13.06.2024Pulsar Group GM Notice
13.06.2024Form of Proxy (with Notes)
31.05.2024AGM Results
24.05.2024Annual Report 2023
08.05.2024Form of Proxy (with Notes)
08.05.2024Pulsar Group AGM Notice 2024
23.05.2023AGM Results
21.04.2023Access Intelligence AGM Notice 2023
21.04.2023Form of Proxy (with Notes)
17.04.2023Annual Report 2022
25.05.2022AGM Results
29.04.2022Form of Proxy (with Notes)
29.04.2022Access Intelligence AGM Notice 2022
25.04.2022Annual Report 2021
25.08.2021Supplementary Admission Document August 2021
15.06.2021Articles of Association June 2021
15.06.2021Admission Document June 2021
13.05.2021AGM Results
16.04.2021Form of Proxy (with Notes)
16.04.2021Access Intelligence AGM Notice 2021
30.03.2021Annual Report 2020
11.12.2020Form of Proxy (with Notes)
11.12.2020Shareholder Circular December 2020
20.05.2020AGM Results
21.04.2020Form of Proxy (with Notes)
21.04.2020Access Intelligence AGM Notice 2020
06.04.2020Annual Report 2019
15.07.2019Interim Results 2019
02.04.2019Access Intelligence AGM Notice 2019
02.04.2019Form of Proxy (with Notes)
26.03.2019Access Intelligence Annual Report 2018
10.10.2018Form of Proxy (with Notes)
10.10.2018Proposed Acquisition, Placing and Other Matters
10.07.2018Interim Results 2018
27.04.2018Access Intelligence AGM Notice 2018
02.03.2018Access Intelligence Annual Report 2017
02.03.2018Access Intelligence ACC Final Results 2017
25.08.2017Interim Results 2017
02.05.2017Form of Proxy (with Notes)
02.05.2017AGM notification
02.05.2017Access Intelligence Annual Report 2016
17.08.2016Interim Results 2016
11.04.2016Form of Proxy (with Notes)
11.04.2016AGM notification
11.04.2016Annual Report 2015
24.08.2015Interim Results 2015
05.05.2015AGM notification
05.05.2015Form of Proxy (with Notes)
30.04.2015Annual Report 2014
08.12.2014Access Intelligence - Sanlam Securities Report
05.09.2014Analyst Reports
16.07.2014Interim Results 2014
01.04.2014Annual Report and Accounts 2013
21.03.2014Form of Proxy (with Notes)
21.03.2014AGM Notification
15.07.2013Interim Results 2013
27.03.2013Form of Proxy (with Notes)
27.03.2013AGM Notification
27.03.2013Annual Report and Accounts 2012
05.03.2013Preliminary Results 2012
20.07.2012Interim Results 2012
23.03.2012Annual Report and Accounts 2011
08.03.2012Investor Presentation
07.03.2012Preliminary Results 2011
27.07.2011Interim Results 2011
21.03.2011Annual Report and Accounts 2010
19.07.2010Interim Results 2010
24.06.2010Interim Results 2009
23.03.2010Annual Report and Accounts 2009
01.03.2010Preliminary Results 2009
30.03.2009Annual Reports and Accounts 2008
26.07.2007Interim Results 2007
06.08.2008Interim Results 2008
26.03.2008Annual Report and Accounts 2007
23.03.2008Preliminary Results 2008
06.03.2008Preliminary Results 2007
26.07.2007Interim Results Presentation 2007
03.05.2007Annual Report and Accounts 2006
20.03.2007Preliminary Results 2006
01.08.2006Interim Results 2006
08.03.2006Preliminary Results 2005
03.03.2006Annual Report and Accounts 2005
24.02.2005Preliminary Results 2004