About Pulsar Group

Pulsar Group is an AIM-listed innovator, pioneering an audience-first approach to the marketing, communications and media industries. Our SaaS products and services help thousands of organisations –from leading consumer brands and blue-chip enterprise companies, to marketing agencies and public sector organisations– understand their audiences and stay relevant in an increasingly noisy world.

We provide next generation marketing insight that improves strategy, reputation management and engagement. Through innovation and the application of technology, our vision is to create an intelligence marketplace that removes inefficiency and improves the effectiveness of information flows between all stakeholders.

The evolving Pulsar Group portfolio includes Isentia, the market-leading media monitoring, intelligence and insights solution provider; Pulsar, the audience intelligence and social listening platform; Vuelio, which provides monitoring, insight, engagement and evaluation tools for politics, editorial and social media in one place; and ResponseSource, the network that connects journalists and influencers to the PR and communications industry.

Our business model benefits clients by providing frequent real-time upgrades and cloud-based access, enabling seamless remote working with a single view of reputation. As a provider, this model delivers sustainable recurring revenue that drives growth.

Pulsar Group is an AIM-listed SaaS provider and our technology is used by 6,000 organisations every day, from global blue-chip enterprises and communications agencies to public sector organisations and not-for-profits.

Sustained Growth

In 2017, Pulsar Group (formerly Access Intelligence) completed a year of restructuring, becoming a streamlined operation with flagship product Vuelio. Since then, our portfolio has continued to advance, with the addition of ResponseSource in 2018, Pulsar in 2019 and Isentia in 2021.

Thousands of journalists and influencers use the ResponseSource network to secure the insight, information and connections they need from a selected range of trusted and reliable contacts. For creators, it’s a proven resource for producing high quality, expert content. For PR and comms professionals, it’s an established way to secure the attention of the most important media and influencers for their organisation.

Pulsar, the audience intelligence and social listening platform, helps organisations understand their audiences and create messages that matter to them, by combining conversational and behavioural data from the world’s leading digital sources, with vertical AI and smart human minds. It underpins marketing strategies, directly informing ad spend and content marketing plans, which can then be adapted for any territory around the world.

Isentia is a media intelligence and award-winning insights company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, operating in Australia, New Zealand and parts of South-East Asia. Isentia is engaged in the provision of media intelligence services to both public and private sector PR and communications clients through media monitoring, social media monitoring, and media analysis.

In the world of marketing and communications, Pulsar Group is a first-mover, committed to constantly investing in new services, products and people so that our clients stay ahead of change.

International Certifications

Pulsar Group PLC (Pulsar, Vuelio and ResponseSource) has achieved certification to the international standard for information security (ISO 27001) and quality management (ISO 9001).

ISO 9001 recognises the Group’s ongoing commitment to the quality management of security controls and the output of products and services in its role as a trusted partner of client information.

ISO 27001 demonstrate an ongoing commitment to apply the most rigorous risk management model to protect information and data belonging to both our clients and the Group.
Cfa have audited Access Intelligence to UKAS requirements of ISO 27001

These standards form the basis for the effective management of confidential information and the application of information security controls. It recognises an ongoing commitment to review systems and suppliers, identify risks, assess implications and put controls in place for data protection. This includes auditing all systems, information assets, operational processes, legal and regulatory requirements, and an ongoing training programme to strengthen the organisation’s expertise in risk management, quality management, data security and data privacy.

Read more about our security and compliance activities in the Trust Centre.

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