Why Invest in SaaS

Pulsar Group is a tech innovator providing Software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) technologies to the PR, marketing and communications industries. In a SaaS model, a client subscribes for access to our software for its users to collaborate on a central platform. The software they access and data they enter is stored via the Cloud, which allows for seamless cross-device usage from any location.

This model delivers benefits for users including secure, fully remote access to a system that continuously improves via the Cloud. For businesses, a SaaS model delivers a highly stable recurring revenue base with strong cross-sell opportunities. Over the subscription period, this technology establishes itself as part of a customer’s core strategy, becoming further embedded the more data that users add over time. This results in integration opportunities and the potential to cross-sell additional products and services that provide revenue resilience and steady growth.

Alongside revenue stability, an integrated, single platform allows for data points representing a user’s behaviour to be easily harnessed for analysis, machine learning and AI capabilities. This leads to a more optimised and tailored user experience but also creates an environment where new products can be validated at lower investment, reducing risk in development costs and product launches.

Operational costs are minimised with no capex intensive on-premise servers or different platform versions to support. Upgrades to the software can be made instantaneously, across the entire system, at virtually no cost and with minimal disruption for the client.

Benefits for SaaS providers

  • Revenue and Cash Flow: Customers pay for software by subscription rather than buying a licence, resulting in more sustainable, predictable revenue streams and cash flow
  • Account Growth: Cross-selling is facilitated through longer client relationships and the ability to tailor demonstrations using their data
  • Development focus: Focus is on software development rather than needing to invest in extensive hardware systems required to support licensing servers
  • Low-risk Innovation: Products or features are easy to validate at small scale before launch, minimising risk in development investment
  • Scalable Delivery: SaaS Software can be distributed, via the Cloud, to new customers at almost no extra cost
  • Highly Valued: A capital efficient, high profit model that delivers competitive advantage and secures customers because of the time and cost to switch

Benefits for Users

  • Continuous Improvement: User behavioural data powers development decisions and in-system algorithms, continuously refining their experience
  • Real Time Software Upgrades: The SaaS model delivers updates with no disruption
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Reduced costs as maintenance, license and distribution costs are removed
  • Higher Level of Service: Immediate support, upgrade and service through the software subscription